We are your go-to manufacturer who will supply firewood according to the required types, shapes and neccessary packaging. See more information below.

Company: Värska Laht
Established: 1992
Export share: 92%
Certified : ISPM 15 heat treatment
Export markets: United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Saudi Arabia

Värska Laht is 100% Estonian capital based firewood company. We started business in 1992 and today we are dealing mainly with production and export of birch and ash firewood. The birch timber comes from Estonian State Forest Management Centre (RMK), that is responsible for maintainance, growing and managing of Estonian forests. So the wood is from sustainable sources.

Step 1 – cutting

We provide firewood all year around. The kiln dried (KD) wood is dried in a kiln for several days in 70-85 C temperature, so it will have a moisture under 18%. During the summer, we can also offer air dried (AD) wood, that is dried in the heat of sun for months and has a moisture under 20%.

Drying wood
Step 2 – drying

When getting in more depth with the product, then the main length of the firewood is in between 20-30 cm (20/25/30 cm). We provide clients with sacks and crates, but the best-sellers are sacks. If that’s not an evidence on exellent product, then .. what is? The secret is in the quality and consistency of the product through the years.

Packaging wood
Step 3 – packaging

As said, we are specialized in superb quality, fast communication and good customer experience. We offer selection of nets (25L,40L)  and crates (1m3, 1,8m3). More specific description of the products you can get below by clicking on the text in-between the arrows! Experience has shown, once our client, forever our client. Just give it a try.